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A certain number of thin-sheet cross-laminated veneers in defined pattern are brought together to get uniform strength in different directions. Later the veneers are bonded under heat and pressure with strong synthetic resin and then assembled. The assembled mat is hot pressed to culminate in Plywood.

Leading Plywood Distributors in Hyderabad

For several decades, Plywood has been one of the most extensively used building products. Hyderabad has been no exception, rated as one of the top places where Plywood is widely used. Among the prominent Plywood distributors in Hyderabad

K K Home Mart offers strong aesthetically pleasing Plywood in a wide variety of appearance grades ranging from smooth, natural surfaces suitable for finish work and underlayment to more economical grades used for wall sheathing and sub-floors. In addition, they are available in varying thicknesses at competitive Plywood Prices & rates in Hyderabad

• Economical and effective.
• Strong & Durable.
• Enhanced moisture durability.
• Water-resistant coating.
• Termite & Borer Resistant.
• High quality packaging.

Top Plywood Wholesalers in Hyderabad
As one of the top Plywood Wholesalers in Hyderabad, K K Home Mart offers a provides a variety of plywood ranging from Commercial MR grade to Waterproof Plywood, Flexible Plywood, and Fire Retardant and Shuttering Plywoods, Curved Plywood, etc, at reasonable Plywood rates & prices in Hyderabad. 

K K Home Mart Plywood Distributors in Hyderabad / plywood wholesalers in hyderabad also stocks a wide variety of hardwood and softwood plywood products. A paneled product, Hardwood plywood is composed of a variety of core materials, including veneer, MDF, particle board and composites, as well as a a hardwood veneer face and back. On the other hand, Softwood plywood possesses a veneer core with a softwood (fir, pine, etc) face and back.

Plywood Distributors in Hyderabad from K K Home Mart are used for making furniture items and in the construction of wooden houses as well as in demanding industrial applications.
As a customer centric company that is one of the premier Plywood distributors in Hyderabad and Plywood wholesalers in Hyderabad, K K Home Mart optimal standard plywood products supplied at affordable Plywood prices & rates in Hyderabad along with timely and safe delivery assurance has given enormous satisfaction to valued clients.

An extremely strong product, Plywood comprises of thin sheets of veneers glued to each other at right angles. A versatile product, it is used to construct everything from fine furniture to sheathing and flooring. Modern plywood’s are available in large standard sizes that have enhanced efficiency in the construction industry

When compared to Solid Wood, Plywood is much stronger and cheaper and what more, it is more resistive to shrinking, twisting, warping and cracking. Indoor plywood generally uses the less expensive urea-formaldehyde glue which has limited water resistance, while outdoor plywood are designed to withstand rot, and use a water resistant phenol-formaldehyde glue to prevent delamination and to retain strength in high humidity. In addition, they are fire retardant and moisture resistant.

K K Home Mart collection of plywood wholesalers in hyderabad / Plywood Distributors in Hyderabad, products includes Engineered Wood, Hardwood Plywood, Melamine, Decorative plywood, etc at affordable plywood prices in Hyderabad / plywood rates in hyderabad. They are available in different grades, thicknesses and a wide variety of finishes and wood species from a range of well known brands like Greenply, Kitply, Archidply, Duratuff, Century, Duro, etc. The lowest Plywood prices & rates in Hyderabad